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Thursday, December 25, 2008

How to make iMON VFD external?

It's exact one year now since my PC died with the iMON in it. It was silent night 2007 when my PC went silent.

I just couldn't bother to fix it this time (because its power supply has been replaced already). So, I bought the Acer Aspire L3600 as my belated X’mas present.

It came of course with Vista and with MCE. A remote control was included.

As much I as I hate Vista I hate my remote control. There are simply not enough buttons. You always have to navigate through the menu in order to get to a certain feature.

Then I bought a new remote control.

Lucky, it worked with my existing tranciver. So, I didn't need change much in software.

But, there is a problem that the remote control for some reason doesn't respond reliably.

I always have to remember the good old days with iMON. One day, I just can't stand any more. So, I removed my iMON from the PC corpse.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as simple as I thought. Just to connect the USB cable, that doesn't work.

After some researches and experiments, I found that I can branch the USB power by bridging the USB 5V (VCC) to PWR & CHECK.

Warning: DO NOT try this at home!

Finally, I need a place to house my iMON.

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